Launching Indohobi.id, a means to do hobbies during a pandemic

Sin – During the Covid-19 Pandemic that hit almost all parts of the world in the last eight months, it has had a profound impact on all aspects of human life.

Since the beginning of April 2020, all activities of everyone have to be carried out from inside the house to prevent the transmission of the deadly virus, namely Covid-19, including hobby activities in Launching Indohobi.id in one of the tourist attractions for playing Situ Gintung Saturday (03/10/2020 ).

However, these conditions did not stop some people from continuing to pursue hobby activities even though they were at home. In fact, hobby activities have become an alternative activity for the community amid the imposition of large-scale social restrictions (PSBB). From inside the house, people are able to go through the Pandemic with activities that are positive in tone.

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So there are many new hobby trends that are loved by the wider community, some of which are currently viral, namely gardening hobbies, ornamental plant collections, and Betta fish cultivation at home.

Andy Hariyanto as Founder & CEO of Startup Indohobi.id if every human being instinctively has more than one popular hobby throughout his life. So it’s no wonder that the hobbies of ornamental plants and betta fish are included in the trend cycle of hobbies that are popular in Indonesian society.

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“The first time the community likes anthurium plants, then it changes to the ring stone season, and the bicycle season changes again, then returns to the season of ornamental plants, betta fish and continues to move dynamically with the times,” said Andy Hariyanto.

In equal measure, Agung Priyono Owner of king Betta Fish 21 said, the hobby of collecting and cultivating betta fish has also returned to prominence to some extent influenced by the conditions of the Covid 19 pandemic, which have made people rack their brains to create alternative recreational facilities in the home.

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Tidak hanya itu Indohobi.id menawarkan beragam fitur yang dibutuhkan oleh para pehobi mulai dari fitur marketplace uang yang bisa menjadi sarana jualbeli perlengkapan hobi, fitur club hobi sebagai sarana berdiskusi dan ajang kopdar online, lelang hobi untuk melelang barang barang hobi tertentu yang memiliki nilai tinggi dan jumlah terbatas iklan hobi, sentra hobi.

“Hingga fitur indohobi escrow service sebagai layanan pembayaran terpercaya seperti fitur rekening bersama (rekber),”tutup Andy hariyanto.(zher).

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